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Nevada Staffing Executive Indicted for Wage Fixing

The United States Department of Justice announced the indictment of a health care staffing executive for conspiring…

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Worker Sues Staffing Firm Over Data Breach

Source: Worker sues staffing firm over data breach that released info on 104,660 workers See also: Source:…

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US Department of Labor Recovers More than $114K for Employees Denied Overtime by Hotel Staffing Agency

The United States Department of Labor (DOL) announced that it recovered wages for employees of a hotel…

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The MCAD’s New Guidance on the Massachusetts Parental Leave Act Aims to Provide Clarity On Its Continued Role in Providing Important Leave Entitlements to Massachusetts Employees

From JDSupra, Danielle Dillon, Kathryn Droumbakis, and Natalie Groot discuss the recent guidance issued by the Massachusetts…

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Operators of Florida Labor Staffing Companies Sentenced to Prison for Tax and Immigration Charges

The United States Attorney’s offfice for the Southern District of Florida announced that the operators of several…

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Is Massachusetts Next to Jump on the Pay Transparency and Pay Data Reporting Bandwagon? 

From JDSupra, Monica Snyder Perl discusses bills in the Massachusetts legislature that may require pay transparency and…

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NJ AG Reaches Settlements with Staffing Firms Allegedly Operating as Unregistered Businesses in NJ

The New Jersey Attorney General announced settlements with 22 staffing agencies that had been operating as unregistered…

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Remote Workers and the Massachusetts Wage Act — Proceed With Caution

From JDSupra, Donald Schroeder discusses a recent case in which an out of state employee was able…

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Blurred Lines for Today’s Workplace: Employer Liability for Employee Conduct Outside of the Traditional Workplace

From JDSupra, Katharine Beattie discusses some of the challenges for employers with employee conduct outside the workplace….

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When Collusion Proves Costly: A Cautionary Tale on Potential Penalties for 93A Violations

From JDSupra, Emily Slaman discusses a chase in which names, resumes, and candidate information were shared by…

Posted in Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

NSN, LLC Will Pay $42,000 to Settle EEOC Disability Discrimination and Retaliation Suit

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission settled a disability discrimination and retaliation suit with a staffing agency for…

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The five red flags of wage non-compliance

From JDSupra, Lauren Crossman and Chris Gardner offer their insights into red flags that might indicate non-compliance…