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Nathan S. Gibson

Nathan S. Gibson is a strategic legal executive who excels in navigating complex landscapes, managing risk, and driving favorable outcomes across employment law, data privacy, and compliance matters. With a proven track record of building strategic partnerships and serving as a valued collaborator, he propels businesses forward through his expertise in legal strategy, contract management, and stakeholder engagement.

As the Senior Director of Risk Management at MBO Partners, Inc., an independent contractor compliance and engagement services provider, Nathan leads all legal matters internally and manages outside counsel. He skillfully manages client and vendor contracts, ensuring compliance with employment and data privacy laws, and handles claims against the company. Nathan has positioned the legal function as a strategic partner to the business, fostering trust across all stakeholders, while concurrently overseeing IT security, including cybersecurity.

Under Nathan’s leadership, MBO Partners has achieved remarkable results. He reduced outside counsel expenses through implementing controls, settling minor claims, and handling issues internally.

Additionally, he drafted a standardized template for the master services agreement, minimizing redlines and maximizing efficiency and protection for the company. He spearheaded the implementation of compliance efforts for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), sourcing and hiring a vendor, researching the law, partnering with outside counsel, and developing a compliant privacy policy and process for handling individual requests.

Prior to his current role, Nathan served as the Vice President of Independent Contractor Compliance at Randstad Sourceright, a division of Randstad N.V. In this position, he managed a team and oversaw the independent contractor services group, providing advisory services to clients and business partners to ensure compliance with independent contractor regulations. Nathan mitigated the risk of worker misclassification and provided independent contractor compliance solutions to Fortune 500 clients.

During his tenure at Randstad, he demonstrated his ability to drive strategic initiatives and achieve significant cost savings. As the Vice President of Operations for Randstad Professionals, he mitigated over $10 million in projected costs due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act by evaluating regulations and data to devise a more cost-effective implementation strategy. He also increased the number of clients by 100% and developed strategies to expand business opportunities in the market.

Nathan’s expertise extends beyond legal and compliance matters. As the Vice President of Operations for Randstad Managed Services, he oversaw operations for a $4 million staffing vendor division, managing vendor relations and guiding cost reduction efforts while enhancing productivity and overall business performance. He slashed operating expenses by 32% year on year by identifying inefficiencies and automating processes.

With a law degree from Boston University School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Harvard College, Nathan brings a solid educational foundation to his roles. He has also obtained Six Sigma Certification, demonstrating his commitment to continuous improvement and process optimization.

Throughout his career, Nathan has consistently demonstrated his ability to lead cross-functional teams, build collaborative relationships, and deliver actionable solutions that align legal frameworks with emerging business challenges. His balanced approach, combining legal expertise with operational skill, positions him as a valuable asset to organizations seeking to navigate complex landscapes and shape their future success.

Nathan lives in Newton, Massachusetts with his wife, Ellen Gibson, two children, and dog.

Nathan would like to connect with you, so please send him an invitation on LinkedIn at Nathan S. Gibson.

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Nathan contributes to Employee or Independent Contractor?,  Grit and Initiative, and Job Search Infographics.

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