AG Campbell Issues Over $1.3 Million In Citations Against Boston-Based Quick Temp And Owner For Wage, Sick Time, And Records Violations

Attorney General Andrea Campbell announced citations against a staffing firm and its owner for violating wage laws including failing to pay minimum wage, failing to pay overtimes and non-payment of wages.

BOSTON — Attorney General Andrea Campbell announced a series of citations against Quick Temp., Inc., its owner, Thomas Lauzon, and manager, Paul Long, totaling $1,392,665, in restitution and civil fines. The violations were for failure to pay a prevailing wage, failure to pay minimum wage, failure to pay overtime, non-payment of wages, failure to accrue earned sick leave, failure to keep true and accurate records, and failure to furnish employment notices to temporary agency employees. 

Quick Temp., Inc. is registered as a for-profit corporation with a principal office located in Boston. The company, which purportedly ceased operations in March of 2022, connected employees as day laborers with numerous waste management client companies in the Greater Boston area. 

“Quick Temp repeatedly denied their employees a prevailing wage and other benefits guaranteed to them by law,” said AG Campbell. “As we approach the holiday season, these issues of wage theft become even more pressing to resolve. My office will continue to hold accountable those who violate our wage and hour laws and do so in partnership with our unions and trades. I am extremely grateful for the partnership with Teamsters Local 25.” 

The matter was initially referred to the Attorney General’s Fair Labor Division by Teamsters Local 25 which reported that Quick Temp was paying workers significantly less than the prevailing wage rate they were required to pay by various municipalities’ waste management contracts, for work performed as “pickers” on trash trucks. The Teamsters representatives also furnished information that employees were required to cash pay “vouchers” at a local check cashing establishment, which charged a fee to do so. 

“Teamsters Local 25 is proud to represent 800 workers in the solid waste industry and this week’s action is a victory for workers who are routinely taken advantage of by day labor services in this field and not paid prevailing wages,” said Thomas G. Mari, President/Principal Officer of Teamsters Local 25. “We are proud to partner with the Attorney General’s Office in fighting for workers’ rights in all industries, but especially in solid waste where corporations often prey on essential workers. We commend and thank all the hardworking attorneys and staff in the Office who work tirelessly to protect workers throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.” 

Over the course of the investigation, it was found that in addition to prevailing wage violations, Quick Temp deducted wages from pay for cashing vouchers, did not pay overtime, failed to pay a minimum wage, failed to keep true and accurate records, and did not furnish earned sick leave, despite being previously issued citations totaling $82,000.00 by the Attorney General’s Office in 2019 for many of the same violations.  The company also violated the Massachusetts Temporary Workers Right to Know Law that provides specific, additional protections for employees of staffing agencies

Workers who believe that their rights have been violated in the workplace are encouraged to file a complaint online at For more information about the state’s wage and hour laws, workers may call the AG’s Fair Labor Hotline at (617) 727-3465 or go to for materials in multiple languages.    

This matter was handled by Investigator Matija Zizanovic and Assistant Attorney General Amy Goyer, both of AG Campbell’s Fair Labor Division. 

Source: AG Campbell Issues Over $1.3 Million In Citations Against Boston-Based Quick Temp And Owner For Wage, Sick Time, And Records Violations |

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