AGG Celebrates Data Privacy Day 2022 With 5 Key Data Privacy Considerations for Businesses 

Owen Moore, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

From JDSupra, Kevin Coy and Erin Doyle offer five key parts of any data privacy program. Kevin and Erin write:

Started in Europe in 2007, Data Privacy Day, or Data Protection Day as it is known internationally, is an international effort that takes place annually on January 28 to create awareness of the importance of data privacy. In celebration, AGG Data Privacy attorneys Kevin L. Coy and Erin E. Doyle share five key data privacy considerations for businesses of all sizes:

1. Engage in data mapping. The key to any successful privacy program is knowing what data you collect.

2. Legal compliance. Consider which privacy laws apply to your organization. Sector-specific laws like FCRA, HIPAA, or GLBA? General data protection laws like the CCPA or GDPR?

3. Keep your privacy promises. Regularly review and update privacy promises that you make (in your privacy policy or elsewhere), as well as when launching new products or services involving personal data or changing data practices, to ensure your practices align with your promises.

4. Privacy by design. When developing new products or services, take into account their privacy implications (and as noted above, consider your privacy policies and other privacy promises).

5. Look forward. The privacy legal landscape is increasingly complex, so design your program based on privacy principles and monitor developments. Efforts made now to comply with current laws will set your organization up for success when new laws inevitably take effect down the road.

Source: AGG Celebrates Data Privacy Day 2022 With 5 Key Data Privacy Considerations for Businesses | Arnall Golden Gregory LLP – JDSupra

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