American Staffing Association — COVID-19 Information and Resources for Staffing Companies

The American Staffing Association has a terrific page with information for staffing firms.

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ASA, its legal team, and affiliated organizations will continue to provide staffing companies with the latest information related to COVID-19—specifically any updates and resources affecting operations or the safety of employees.

Staffing companies also should take note of the following:

  • CDC guidance specifically urges staffing firm clients to talk with their staffing firms about the importance of sick employees staying home and to encourage those firms to develop non-punitive leave policies.

  • Staffing firms, likewise, should advise clients of the steps they’re taking to implement the CDC guidance—and if temporary employees show up sick, that the client should apply the same policies and restrictions that apply to the client’s employees.

  • Clients also should be informed of any staffing firm restrictions on employees who have recently been in countries subject to government travel advisories. Work restrictions on employees or job applicants who have traveled to affected countries may be justified.

Source: COVID-19 Information and Resources for Staffing Companies – American Staffing Association

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