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Operators of Florida Labor Staffing Companies Sentenced to Prison for Tax and Immigration Charges

The United States Attorney’s offfice for the Southern District of Florida announced that the operators of several…

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NJ AG Reaches Settlements with Staffing Firms Allegedly Operating as Unregistered Businesses in NJ

The New Jersey Attorney General announced settlements with 22 staffing agencies that had been operating as unregistered…

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Blurred Lines for Today’s Workplace: Employer Liability for Employee Conduct Outside of the Traditional Workplace

From JDSupra, Katharine Beattie discusses some of the challenges for employers with employee conduct outside the workplace….

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Florida Pastor Sentenced to 48 Months for Fraud Involving Fake Employment Agency

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida announced that a pastor was sentenced…

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10 Actionable Compliance Steps for Massachusetts Employers

From JDSupra, Charlotte Drew, Claire Metcalfe, and Bronwyn Roberts make terrific recommendations for steps to take to…

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Massachusetts Attorney General Andea Campbell Issues Advisory on Maximum Rates for Temporary Staffing in Nursing Homes

Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell today issued an advisory to remind temporary nursing agencies about the permissible…

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Hospital Temporary Labor Costs: A Staggering $1.52 Billion in FY2022

The Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association reports that hospitals spent more than $1.5 billion for temporary staffing…

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The Question PEOs and Staffing Agencies Will Be Asked Most in 2023: “Will You Delete My Data?”

From JDSupra, Usama Kahf and Anne Yarovoy Khan discuss some of the unique challenges that staffing agencies…

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Massachusett Department of Labor Standards Provides Update Job Order Template

The Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards updated the job order template provided on the Employment, Placement, &…

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Operator of San Gabriel Valley Employment Staffing Company Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charge for Failing to Pay Over Payroll Taxes to IRS

The United States Department of Justice reports that a staffing firm operator pleaded guilty to failing to…

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Garden Leave Payments Under MA Noncompetition Agreement Act Not Covered by Wage Act

From JDSupra, Benjamin Hinks and Robert Young discuss a recent case in which the court said that…

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Key West Labor Staffing Conspirator Pleads Guilty to Immigration Fraud and Defrauding the IRS

The United States Department of Justice announced that a guilty plea for defrauding the IRS in connection…